DOGE2 is a community project with fully transparent operations
DOGE2 Contract address: 0x85eCa3374D7FEA1eCd79BB4D875CF9E220e9fbDB
DOGE2 Token Allocation
10% of the tokens were allocated for the community airdrop and have been sent to the wallet for Airdrop distribution. The airdrop was then distributed to roughly 11,500 participants, ensuring for DOGE2 to be a true decentralized currency with wide distribution! All of the major token transfers will be fully transparent and evident on this document, which will be updated whenever any major transfers or devisions are made. 10% tokens for DOGE2 Airdrop(DISTRIBUTED to 11,500+ wallets) Proof of distribution: 0x967E5649AF7a73378fd8FeA7A6A9dd4d3fDC6284 15% tokens for Airdrop to XVMC holders(Partially distributed) 1.5% of the tokens have been distributed to 20,000+ wallets, the remaining 13.5% of the funds will be sent once XVMC distribution is finished 0xd07Af8F6Bf1302ffe8F993A695c9c123338525DF 70 % tokens DOGE2 Treasury Fund (Timelock Safeguarded Wallet!) A smart contract has been deployed that serves as a guardian for the DOGE2 treasury. The smart contract works as a wallet, but with an implemented SAFEGUARD. Once withdrawal is initiated, it will take roughly 24hours before tokens can leave the smart contract! If withdrawal from the smart contract is initiated, it will be visible to EVERYBODY on the Polygon blockchain and it will take 24hours before the actual withdrawal occurs. DOGE2 community will be notified prior to any withdrawals from this smart contract. Smart contract holding the tokens: 0x1b612eeC969c72504323FC356BfA1d6329565352 1.5% Tokens - developer fund 3.5% Tokens - Liquidity providing: 0x61b6F7BaD0977418C35bAb24e57BA972E0F49f46 Those tokens will be used to provide the liquidity on Quickswap, enabling you to buy or sell DOGE2 at ease
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